Maintained by Dan and Jackie De Prospero, acts as a central hub for many other important links to dojos and kyudo-related resources.

The Butokuden Martial Arts Training Center A great training center for martial arts in Orange County

The Bugei Trading Company An excellent source for many kinds of Japanese traditional weaponry.

Japanese American Cultural & Community Center

The Kyudo Project Links to most kyudo websites in the world

Beal Enterprises

Pasadena Japanese Cultural Institute
Nanka Kyudo Kai Main Dojo

The Assistant Software Company
Website Site Host

Angels Gate Cultural Center
Locaton of Ikkyu Kyudojo
Los Angeles Kyudo Kai Main Dojo

Kotohira Jinsha Honolulu Hawaii
Takizawa Guji, and everyone at Kotohira Jinsha, has helped us include more Shinto Tradition in our practice